Goal Packages

Make your goals our goals. Tell us what you are training for, what you’d like to achieve and we will provide a support package tailored to being at your best.

The package will include:

  • Interview, screening and testing to understand what works for you, your training history and any deficits that could hinder our progression.
  • Scheduled treatment sessions to stay on top of any aches and pains developing whilst you train.
  • A program of physical preparation for injury prevention to help stop any weaknesses becoming road blocks.

We can collaborate with your PT or Coach too if you have one. Your performance will be better if you’re not pulled in different directions so we’ll get on board with the overall plan for you.

The general package of support starts at a value of £200 and is scaleable depending on your goals and the timeline available. Get in touch at or use our contact form below and let’s schedule a chat to work out what is best for you.