Health & Performance Coaching

Whether you are an athlete, team or corporate individual, everyone can benefit from optimising health and wellbeing for optimal performance in work and life.

Taking a holistic account of your habits in sleep, nutrition and physical activity, in combination with your status in health and readiness we can coach you to optimise your performance, whatever your arena.

If you are an injured athlete, or feeling consistently held back by a niggle or old injury, or lacking energy and experiencing stress or a loss of motivation, our performance coaching can help.

It takes the form of one to one coaching in a mixture of face to face and remote and online coaching with an individual program as it best suits your calendar.

As a result you will benefit from improved energy, reduced stress, improved relationships and experiences with those around you, as well as greater health, fitness and passion for life.

Contact us for consultation and to see how performance coaching could improve your life.

Become a Member

We are looking for 10 people in Cheltenham and the Cotswolds that would like to be more active and feel better in life or at work. So they can overcome previous aches pains or bad habits and feel more energetic. To be the best version of themselves more often. If this is you please fill in the form below. All eligible applications will be contacted by phone.

    1 - Meh, I couldn’t care less

    10 - I'll eat fire to reach my goals



    Why Join Us

    The membership helps amateur sportspeople, to manage the niggles, bumps and bruises they don’t have time to look after themselves, so they can keep doing the activities they love alongside working for a living.

    The membership helps new mums, to keep looking after themselves with momentum, so the baby weight stays off and a spring stays in the step.

    The membership helps young athletes, to develop movement quality with physical capacity, so they can continue to work on their talents as they grow.

    The membership helps mums and dads, to have some dedicated me-time focussed on my health and fitness, so they can pack the car, make the lunch and dominate the garden olympics.

    The membership helps people in their 60’s and 70’s, to live without pain
    and take up new things, so they can enjoy life and play with the grandkids

    The membership helps professionals and busy people, to schedule for healthy habits, so they can perform well at work.