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Last year I was recommended to Tom due to my frequent headaches and unknown cause. After explaining all the symptoms to Tom and having already seen a physio, chiropractor and several doctors who were unable to help, Tom immediately knew the cause and diagnosis of my issue. After just one session and following Tom’s recommended exercises, I felt relief in the first week and the frequency of my headaches reduced – something no one had been able to offer me in 6 years. Having a diagnosis of the issue has also helped me to understand the cause and I’m no longer getting daily headaches which is incredible. Tom is friendly, extremely knowledgeable and I would highly recommend his services and advice.


After hurting my back from picking up a heavy object (my son), I could barely move and was recommended by a friend to see Tom. Tom not only coached me through the physical side of rehabilitating my back, but also the psychological effects it was having. The first session, my husband had to carry me into the treatment room, but after only an hour I was able to walk out unaided. From following Tom's prescribed rehabilitation, 3 days later I was able to cook Christmas dinner for my family (which coming from a place of fearing to move was a huge feat). Tom’s coaching was supportive and effective.